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Our hours have changed! All locations open daily; Monday-Sunday: 9am-6pm!
EBR Master Gardeners is going over Pet Friendly Gardening & construction of your Raised Garden Bed! Stop by Fairwood Branch Library on 3/12!

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The Early Bird Gets the Worm

If you are thinking about adding new shrubs or trees to your landscape this year, now is the time to get them. The early bird gets the worm! The sooner you get to the garden center, the better the selection of premium quality shrubs and trees there will be.

Plant of the Week: Banana Shrub

Michelia fiao When you look at the blooms of the banana shrub you think, why that is just like a small magnolia bloom. And it looks just like that!   With such a sweet fragrance, these plants are widely under used.

Special Offers

Louisiana Nursery carries these GIANT and BEAUTIFUL 10" Boston Fern Hanging Baskets.
Valid 2/27 - 3/05/2015
We just received a new shipment of gorgeous imported pottery.
Valid 2/27 - 3/05/2015


EBR Master Gardeners Upcoming Events

2/12 - 3/19/2015
The EBR Master Gardeners asked us to share some of their upcoming events. These are great opportunities to learn more about gardening. Master Gardeners are volunteers trained and certified by LSUAgcenter to provide horticulture information to the public.

EBR Master Gardener: Pet Friendly & Raised Garden Beds

3/12/2015 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Visit the Fairwood Branch Library from 6-8pm on March 12! Join the EBR Master Gardeners as they show you how to create a garden that welcomes your pet and preparation for construction of your raised garden beds!

EBR Master Gardeners: Ferns & Shrubs

3/19/2015 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Visit the Main Library at Goodwood on March 19! From 6:30-8:30pm, chat with the EBR Master Gardeners on what variety of ferns grow well in our area. Also, learn how to select shrubs depending on their intended use in your garden!

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Container Gardening Ideas (12)

Jamie Durie live at Louisiana Nursery in Baton Rouge. Jamie highlights a number of plants that look good and perform well in containers.