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Plant of the Week: Cyclamen

Cyclamen plants show up at retail nurseries around Christmas every year. They make a perfect gift for those gardeners and plant lovers in your life when paired with a festive holiday pot. Like Poinsettias, their colors and bloom time naturally lend this plant to the Holiday Season. Cyclamen are beautiful little pot plants inside the home or out in a courtyard as a table accent.

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Fall Shrub Care - Monrovia

The warm days and cool nights of fall make it the perfect time to get outside and do a few things in your yard before it gets too cold out. Follow these fall shrub care tips so that come spring, when they emerge from their winter's slumber, they're going to be looking their best.

Organic Fertilizers

Jamie Durie live at Louisiana Nursery in Baton Rouge. What are the best organic fertilizers? Jamie tells all!

Container Gardening Ideas (12)

Jamie Durie live at Louisiana Nursery in Baton Rouge. Jamie highlights a number of plants that look good and perform well in containers.


Louisiana Nursery

With 3 convenient locations, you'll have an endless supply of colorful plants for your home & garden.

Keeping You Young

Gardening keeps you young!

Removing Your Indoor Curtains (11)

Jamie Durie live at Louisiana Nursery in Baton Rouge. Jamie Durie explains how planting large shrubs and trees around your property allows you to open your windows and enjoy the greenery, while maintaining your privacy.

Women's Boutique - Louisiana Nursery Perkins Road Location Only

We are happy to introduce the Women's Boutique at the Perkins Road location.  We have filled this area with lovely items for you or the woman in your life, and it's just in time for Mother's Day!  Click on any of the vendor names below for more information about their product line in our store. Be sure to watch the slide show for a sneak-peek at the Women's Boutique. 


Understanding Micro Climates (10)

Jamie Durie live at Louisiana Nursery in Baton Rouge. Jamie details the creation of microclimates, which is the technique of using large shrubs to prevent frost from taking out weaker plants.

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