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Let's Talk About Dirt!

I love dirt! It sounds like a strange thing to get excited about, but to me, there is almost nothing better than sinking my hands into some beautiful, dark, healthy soil. It's definitely my happy place, and research actually shows that coming into contact with certain microbes in the soil can increase serotonin levels in the brain! Healthy soil is not just good for us gardeners, though. Our plants love it, too. I’d like to introduce you to some of our FoxFarm products. This line of organic soils can make a big difference in the health of your plants. These mixes contain composted earthworm castings, bat guano and humus, each of which plays a role in adding organic matter and regulating the soil’s pH. Most are also “inoculated” with beneficial bacteria, which aid in decomposition of organic matter, and helpful fungi called mycorrhizae. These mycorrhizae form a symbiotic relationship with roots to help them absorb maximum amounts of nutrients and moisture.

Vegetable Gardening

As a son of a farmer's son living in a city, we had a HUGE garden growing up. It was about 80 feet long and 6 feet wide. Every spring I looked forward to a few minutes running the green monster. It was a Green Thumb front tine tiller, and it was double my size as a 60lb ten year old!

Relaxation in Miniature

Spring has always brought a feeling of excitement for me! Trees, shrubs, flowers would start flushing and blooming, crowds of people would start visiting the nurseries to get ideas and to be inspired. Everything is about to go crazy, a good kind of crazy. That is the start of spring.