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Let's Talk About Dirt!

Let's Talk About Dirt!

I love dirt! It sounds like a strange thing to get excited about, but to me, there is almost nothing better than sinking my hands into some beautiful, dark, healthy soil. It's definitely my happy place, and research actually shows that coming into contact with certain microbes in the soil can increase serotonin levels in the brain! Healthy soil is not just good for us gardeners, though. Our plants love it, too.

I’d like to introduce you to some of our FoxFarm products. This line of organic soils can make a big difference in the health of your plants. These mixes contain composted earthworm castings, bat guano and humus, each of which plays a role in adding organic matter and regulating the soil’s pH. Most are also “inoculated” with beneficial bacteria, which aid in decomposition of organic matter, and helpful fungi called mycorrhizae. These mycorrhizae form a symbiotic relationship with roots to help them absorb maximum amounts of nutrients and moisture. Think of a grabber tool you’d use to reach something on a high shelf. Mycorrhizae attach to a plant’s root system to grab water and nutrients that would have been out of reach, otherwise. 

Many of you know how much I enjoy container gardening. Adding a FoxFarm potting mix is a great way to freshen up spent soil in our containers. As your plants grow, they use up nutrients, just as you want them to! As one growing season ends and another begins, it’s important to refresh the soil before planting a new, colorful combo pot, citrus tree or houseplant.

Ocean Forest Potting Soil contains kelp, crab and shrimp meal, as well as the other goodies Imentioned earlier. 

Happy Frog Potting Mix has humic acid and beneficial microbes for healthy roots and, in turn, healthier top growth.

Salamander Soil helps those of us who may be a little forgetful when it comes to regular watering. Its natural coconut pith holds onto that precious moisture for a bit longer.

Strawberry Fields Potting Soil is a must-have for those of us growing vegetables in containers. This mix has calcium built right in! Calcium is a micro-nutrient necessary in preventing blossom-end rot on our tomatoes and other fresh, healthy veggies.

If it’s a raised bed or in-ground garden you get dirty in, a bale of Happy Frog Soil Conditioner will rejuvenate your shrubs, roses, vegetables and flowers in no time. Add a 3” layer around each shrub or mix into the existing soil once per season. Your roses will be rosier and your pansies will have smiling faces!

Too many times, folks make the mistake of skimping on soil in a flower bed or vegetable garden, thinking, “Well, dirt is dirt. As long as I water and the roots have something to spread into, my plants will be beautiful! ...Right?” While proper watering and light are certainly important, a healthy foundation is equally as necessary. Dirt should, literally, be ALIVE, teeming with those beneficial bacteria and microbes, giving it that lovely dark color and delicious, earthy aroma.

Our FoxFarm products will help you on your way to those beautiful, happy plants. You’ll be happier, too!