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Plant of the Week: Drift Roses

Plant of the Week: Drift Roses

Drift roses are prolific summertime bloomers. They come in an array of colors and are tough, resilient plants. Their ease of care gives even a brownthumbed gardener a smile of success. Drift roses are lower growing than other shrub style roses and function as a groundcover when planted close together.

Plant Characteristics:

Drift roses grow 2 feet tall and wide. They bloom from late spring all through summer. The blooms come in a wide variety of colors including, but not limited to, Coral, pink, red, white and peach. The foliage on Drift Roses is smaller than other shrub roses and is a dark green when happy and healthy.

Plant Care:

Drift Roses are known for easy care. They are a self-flushing rose, meaning they will flush their own blooms off, requiring very little pruning. They require full sun (6 or more hours by definition). They are pest and disease resistant so very little spraying is needed. Like all roses, they need well drained soil and don’t like wet feet (roots) so no need to baby them too much with frequent watering. Since they have a low growth habit, you will not need to control their size with heavy pruning. Fertilize them in early to mid-spring with a rose fertilizer, either liquid or granular is just fine. Other than that, they really are quite simple to care for.


Feel free to use Drift roses as a centerpiece in a large container in full sun. They can be used anywhere in the garden you have space and plenty of sunshine. They make a spectacular groundcover as well!

If you’re searching for season long blooms, look no further!!! They versatile little roses will do the job effectively and with very little maintenance. I think of them like a dwarf Knockout rose which has proven to be one of the best roses to hit the market in many years. They come in so many colors you are sure to find one that will suit your taste. CAN YA DIG IT!!