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I was not born in this state. Which is a funny thing with a last name like Quebedeaux. My parents are from here and lived the majority of their lives here, so I am "from" here. After my family had a brief stint living away (approx. 15 years), we came back home in the mid-80's. I never truly understood what it meant to be from Louisiana till later, when I moved away to work and live in Atlanta for 8 years.

In Atlanta I was treated with some difference for being a LSU tiger and New Orleans Saints fan. That also taught me a lesson in the importance of sports in the southern culture... Some of my California bosses in Atlanta just didn't understand the concept. We live, breathe and bleed sports here in the south. Just to let you know, it is not like that everywhere else! With LSU winning the national championship in 2003, I was treated a little better (it got some people to shut up...), but I was still an outsider.

After a few years though, my wife (also from Louisiana) and I became known as some of those crazy Cajuns from Louisiana. We of course embraced it and enjoyed sharing our culture with others. When I couldn't take being away from home any longer, we moved back to Louisiana. Since then I have enjoyed becoming even more a part of the southern Louisiana culture.  Earning my stripes as a Cajun!

This is a special place, where the importance of people and relationships is valued above and beyond most other things. Enjoy the summer, doing Louisiana things with Louisiana people!