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Gardening Spaces

Gardening Spaces

If anyone had a chance this past weekend to enjoy Sunday morning... At least till about 9:30am when the gulf moisture moved in... It was awesome! There was a cool breeze, low humidity... I was out in my garden enjoying the sounds of nature. I think we all garden for many different reasons. I am pulled by the sanctity of nature. Sunrises are the best part of the day in my opinion. 

That morning, enjoying my cup of coffee, seeing my dogs running around, or just lounging in the mulch - chillin', was one of the most relaxing mornings of the year for me. I took a few moments to enjoy the birds... I actually noted each species that came to my feeder, I can feel my wife's eyes rolling into her head right now! I counted 12 different species - Cardinal, Chickadee, Purple Finch, Gold Finch, Thrush, Carolina Wren, Tufted Titmouse, Yellowbellied Woodpecker, Bluebird, Blue jay, Morning Dove, and a Towhee. I even checked on the two bird's nests I have - one is the second clutch of bluebird eggs, and the other is 5 small Carolina Wren eggs. The Carolina Wren has taken to nesting in my smoking pit, which is disappointing - no smoked salmon or fall apart ribs for a while.

Creating a gardening space that is natural and close to nature is one of the many reasons we garden. With all the time we tend to spend in buildings and in cars driving from place to place, to have a sanctuary where nature rules, is soothing to me. We all need to recharge from time to time... I got my space to do it! - do you?