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Creepy, Crawly, Yet Beautiful Spiders!

Creepy, Crawly, Yet Beautiful Spiders!

Spiders usually are mostly hated, tolerated by a few, and loved by an even smaller group. I have always fallen into the tolerated group, until I got married. Let's just say my wife does not care for spiders... I have killed many imaginary spiders at two and three in the morning, so that she could go back to bed. She does have reason not to like them. I have spent weeks cleaning out a particularly nasty wound on her arm. I won't go into the details... I went white faced several times, but never quite fainted. This week I am dealing with a similar wound on my dog... Fun times.

There are other times, I catch myself admiring their beautiful art. When the morning dew highlights their nights work is when I enjoy it the most! The different shapes, sizes and colors are all so amazing... Little green ones with red eyes, large hairy ones, and the dainty daddy long legs!

All so amazing. Nature still surprises me with its beauty, I hope I never get tired of enjoying it!