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Gardening Tip: Sod Webworms

Last year we saw many homeowners with issues with Sod Webworms. Well, they are back! Areas to our west have reported them and over the past week, customers have been coming in reporting damage done.

How do you know if you have them? First look for the small tan or gray moth… She is laying the eggs in the lawn that will hatch and start devouring your lawn.

If you have some unidentified damage or discoloring in your lawn, mix a bucket of soapy water and pour it on the border between the damaged and healthy lawn. The soapy water agitates the worms and you will start to see them wriggle around. Confirming their presence and your need for action!

Spinosad is one of the best to spray over your lawn to target smaller areas. Also effective is the granular Bug Blaster II from Hi Yield. It is an all-purpose turf insect killer… It will take care of everything from ants to fleas to those sod webworms! It can be broadcast over the whole lawn for preventative and curative measure.

Remember, a lot of damage can be done in a day or two, so stay vigilant and be proactive!