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Gardening Tip: I have so many weeds in my lawn!

Gardening Tip: I have so many weeds in my lawn!

Come spring, we hear that phrase over and over. Well, you can do something NOW, about it. Now? Yes now! Now is the time to get your lawn ready to fight those spring weeds.

To start, feed your lawn from now through October with a fall conditioner or what is called a winterizer fertilizer. This final application of nutrients for the year is the most important because it replenishes nutrients used up through our long, hot summer and gives your grass a little "kick" for the fall growing season. The healthier your lawn is going into winter the stronger it will break dormancy next spring and better compete against weeds.

Then you can start fighting those weeds now! Prevention is the best defense! Use Fertilome Winterizer & Weed Preventer for Southern Grasses. This slow release lawn food has the correct fertilizer analysis for your lawn at this time as well as a pre-emergent herbicide called Dimension. Dimension will help prevent and control Crabgrass in the fall as well as a wide range of cool weather weeds. Remember to follow the directions on the bag and ALWAYS water your lawn deeply after applying fertilizer.

With a healthier lawn going into winter, along with less fall and winter weeds, you lawn will have the upper hand heading into spring! Get your lawn ready – NOW!