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Plant of the Week: Nanho Blue Buddleia

Buddleia davidii 'Nanho Blue'

Plant of the Week: Nanho Blue Buddleia

Butterfly attractants are becoming more popular, along with a return to nature in general. One of the best is, naturally, butterfly bush or Buddleia. The long shoots with clusters of blossoms are perfect for attracting butterflies as well as pollinators like bees. This one in particular is easy to contain because of its small size.

Plant Characteristics:

The Nanho Blue Buddleia is a true dwarf Buddleia, reaching only about 3-5 feet in height and width. This makes it easy to find placement in your butterfly garden. It is classified as a perennial so, while going dormant in winter, it will emerge yearly in mid spring to prepare itself for the upcoming butterfly season. The deep blueish purple blooms contrast well against green foliage. They will begin to bloom in late spring and summer and will continue this cycle until late fall. These plants are non-toxic to animals.

Plant Care:

Buddleia don’t need much in the way of care, other than a little trimming to remove spent blooms from time to time. This will promote more blooms, more often, for optimal butterfly attractant. Plant them in any sunny spot in the garden, and water regularly when we don’t get much rainfall. Even when they become stressed, these tough little plants can usually be revived with a little extra attention. You can prune them throughout the growing season, though they won’t need much taken off because they stay so small.


The primary use for this dwarf Buddleia is to attract butterflies. It can also be used as a perennial shrub in a sunny garden that will add texture and beauty to the landscape. It is also used as an attractant for pollinators like honeybees. This means you will see more fruit on your citrus and other edibles, or more blossoms from other accompanying shrubs and flowering trees.

Bringing Mother Nature into your garden is one of the many goals we all have for our gardens. This particular plant is a wonderful addition to any sunny landscape and is sure to bring more of what we love into our outdoor time.