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I have been blessed to have led a life that has given me unique opportunities. Traveling as much as I did as a kid, I have experienced the world outside of the ole U. S. of A.


I have always been in touch with the weather. I guess I can trace it back to my parents. My dad grew up on a farm - you had to know what was going on, crops depended on it.

I was not born in this state. Which is a funny thing with a last name like Quebedeaux. My parents are from here and lived the majority of their lives here, so I am "from" here. After my family had a brief stint living away (approx. 15 years), we came back home in the mid-80's.

We're Louisiana Proud

Southern Louisiana is suffering an unprecedented natural disaster this week. As with most things in life, the Southern Louisiana culture is shining bright. The way we are pulling together to help one another gives me hope.

Wow, it is almost summer! Sun is up earlier and earlier, and is going down later and later. Long hot days are ahead of us. I know, not very cheery thoughts for some. But we live in South Louisiana! We do spend a lot of time outdoors during this time of year.