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Lawn Care: Making it Easy!

I love a freshly mowed landscape. I hate taking care of lawns… It may stem from the time my dad made me pull up all the Virginia Button weed out of our back yard… by hand. That took a good part of a day and about three large trash bags. After that, the thought of weeding a lawn just makes me cringe! So I learned how to properly take care of a lawn… anything to avoid that again! Earlier this year we began talking about the beginning of lawn care.

Summer Lawn Care

It is official! It is summer. This is the time of year your lawn loves! Lots of sun and heat! As most of you know, your lawn is actively growing during the summer. This is why you are mowing every 5-7 days on average to keep your lawn looking nice and tidy.

Wow, it is almost summer! Sun is up earlier and earlier, and is going down later and later. Long hot days are ahead of us. I know, not very cheery thoughts for some. But we live in South Louisiana! We do spend a lot of time outdoors during this time of year.