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Fall into winter is the prime time to plant trees. Most trees are going dormant right now and take transplanting well this time of year. With no competition for top growth, the roots have a chance to get established prior to our warm springs and summers.

Fall is for Planting!

We say it often, because we mean it. Fall is the absolute best time of year to plant. For both us and for the plants. When fall weather finally shows up – like it will mid to late next week- it will be peak time for plants to be thrown in the ground! Ok, let’s not just throw them in!

Gardening Tip: Planting Cool Weather Annuals

It's been a hot one! Thankfully, our south Louisiana summer is starting lose her steam. Literally. It's time to say thank you and goodbye to most of our lovely, but tired summer annuals and hello to the harbingers of cooler weather! Petunias, snapdragons, dianthus, ornamental cabbage/kale and marigolds are beginning to fill our greenhouses. Pansies and violas are not too far behind them.

Monarchs Rising

Fall is a special time of year. A long anticipated reprieve from our hot southern summers. But what I love most about fall, is watching the monarch butterflies begin their arduous migration to Mexico. I have always been enchanted by monarch butterflies. Who can resist? Their colors of orange and black make a vivid contrast. Especially when you’re watching them float through the bright blue sky. But what is more impressive than the monarchs’ appearance is their epic migratory journey. This tenacious species of butterfly makes a yearly journey from Canada to Mexico.