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A plant for those who say that they have a "black thumb". The ZZ plant is by far the most indestructible of all the houseplants on the market today. It is the perfect plant for a beginner in houseplants and for those who are on the verge of quitting houseplants all together.

Fall into winter is the prime time to plant trees. Most trees are going dormant right now and take transplanting well this time of year. With no competition for top growth, the roots have a chance to get established prior to our warm springs and summers.

Plant of the Week: Pansies

Pansies are hands down one of the most colorful and popular annuals for us in winter. As fall sets in, people become anxious to put these beautiful plants in their landscape and pots for obvious reasons. Pansies, with their abundant, cheery blooms, perform even when the freezing temperatures come.

Gardening Tip: Planting Cool Weather Annuals

It's been a hot one! Thankfully, our south Louisiana summer is starting lose her steam. Literally. It's time to say thank you and goodbye to most of our lovely, but tired summer annuals and hello to the harbingers of cooler weather! Petunias, snapdragons, dianthus, ornamental cabbage/kale and marigolds are beginning to fill our greenhouses. Pansies and violas are not too far behind them.

Plant of the Week: Petunias

When it comes to petunias, there are so many options out there. Wave, Grandiflora, Dreams, the list goes on. Whether its sun or some light shade, you can brighten up any garden or pot using petunias. There are so many colors, you are certain to find a combination that will please!