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Due to the rainfall over the last three weeks, three common problems are coming up from customers that you need to be aware of: Fungus - with the moisture at night and our temperatures, fungus has been very active in lawns and plant foliage.

Don't you just love the weather in the Baton Rouge area this time of year?  Temperatures in the 20's in mid-November then in the 70's in December and then in January a roller coaster ride between the two!  During these warmer periods you feel like spring is here.

One of the worst feeling is to plant your fall flower or vegetable garden and wake up the next morning with a well fed rabbit and no plants! Whether its cats, dogs, rabbits, armadillos, birds, deer or any other unwanted animal, there are products to keep them out of your flowerbeds and off your lawn. Go Away by Bonide repels dogs, cats and rabbits. Shotgun Repels-All by Bonide repels armadillos, birds, deer, rats, squirrels and much more.

Fallproof Your Roof

As fall blows into town, take a look at your roof and see what needs to be pruned from nearby trees. Limbs that grew during the summer may be hanging down too close. If branches are actually hitting the roof, they can trap moisture and cause mildew.