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I was not born in this state. Which is a funny thing with a last name like Quebedeaux. My parents are from here and lived the majority of their lives here, so I am "from" here. After my family had a brief stint living away (approx. 15 years), we came back home in the mid-80's.

Shade is a lovely place to be during the hot Louisiana summers. Funny thing is, gardeners often struggle the most with these areas in their landscapes. With the lack of sun, comes the lack of blooms. Without blooms or flowers to give you color, one must become more creative with their choices.

Gardening Tip: Summer Annuals

May is the last full month of spring and the transition to summer. It is also when your cool season annuals like, pansies, petunias, snapdragons and others start fizzling out in the warmer weather. If you have not replaced your fall color, now is the time to replant with summer annuals.