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Early Year Pruning

The time is now! During the fall months, plants are getting ready for winter. They stop growing new shoots and limbs while their nutrients are retracted back into the depths of the plant. This is why winter is the best time for major pruning.

Winter! Where are you?

Starting off 2017 similar to the majority of 2016 - hot and wet! Looking for winter? So am I! Looks like she will peak her head out this weekend. The weather channel is calling for near freezing temperatures over the weekend.

Gifts that Keep on Giving...

On a mid-December day, who would think of giving a plant as a Christmas gift? Well we would of course! There are several plants in their full glory right now that would make great presents. Let's start with Citrus trees. Lemons, Satsumas and Navel Oranges are our most popular.