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Gone to the Birds

As winter arrives, birds are either migrating south or preparing to stay up north. North or south, birds enjoy dining on suet which is one of the best bird foods available since it's highly nutritious and easy for them to get at. And it attracts birds that wouldn't normally feed in your yard.

Bulb Do's and Don'ts

Some simple things to remember about bulbs: ALWAYS plant bulbs in borders or beds with good drainage. Planting bulbs in well-drained soil is vital and the most important instruction we can give you. DO NOT use any strong commercial fertilizer or fresh manure when planting bulbs.

Space-Challenged Gardens

  For an ultimate container garden, plant flowers in either ordinary plastic, functional terra-cotta or decorative relief pots. 1) To keep the soil from running out of the bottom when watering, place gravel, pot shards or even a nylon stocking in the bottom of the pot.

Getting soaked

Tired of standing around, spending your valuable time just watering your garden? Then look into "soaker" hoses. Specially designed to deliver a slow trickle of water to every plant along the length of the hose, soakers are perfect for shrubbery and vegetable or flower gardens.

Bush Babying

Though shrubs are fairly hardy, low-maintenance plants, they're not immune to scorching weather so keep an eye on them during August's dry heat.

Thoughtful Watering

Unseasonably hot weather can make your flowers and vegetable plants start to look peaked. Although rainfall does help, you should remember to water thoughtfully. To determine if you have watered sufficiently, dig down into the soil to see if more moisture is needed.

Now that you're mowing the lawn about once a week it's important that you're also making sure it will be healthy for your weekly meeting. Here are a few tips to make sure it's in tip-top shape: Have your lawn mower blades sharpened before the mowing season begins (Did you?