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Relaxation in Miniature

Spring has always brought a feeling of excitement for me! Trees, shrubs, flowers would start flushing and blooming, crowds of people would start visiting the nurseries to get ideas and to be inspired. Everything is about to go crazy, a good kind of crazy. That is the start of spring.

Lawn Care: Making it Easy!

I love a freshly mowed landscape. I hate taking care of lawns… It may stem from the time my dad made me pull up all the Virginia Button weed out of our back yard… by hand. That took a good part of a day and about three large trash bags. After that, the thought of weeding a lawn just makes me cringe! So I learned how to properly take care of a lawn… anything to avoid that again! Earlier this year we began talking about the beginning of lawn care.

Spring in South Louisiana

It is here folks! I know spring is here when I wake up every morning with a sinus headache and have a couple of sneezing attacks. (For those that know me - that is an hour long ordeal! ) I reach for those allergy tablets before I go outside with my dogs.

Peggy Martin Roses

Sometimes out of destruction comes hope and beauty. That is exactly the case with the Peggy Martin Rose. For those of you who do not know the story behind this rose, I will give a quick synopsis.

Early Year Pruning

The time is now! During the fall months, plants are getting ready for winter. They stop growing new shoots and limbs while their nutrients are retracted back into the depths of the plant. This is why winter is the best time for major pruning.