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First Aid for Houseplants

Growing houseplants can feel like tricky business to beginners and experienced gardeners alike. Learning your plant's likes and dislikes requires some observation and time. Until you get the routine of maintenance down, you may experience some hiccups. But don't give up just yet!


It is that time of year. It still feels like summer (and it will for a while longer), but if you are a student, it is almost over! This is the time of the year that I always hated growing up. The end of a good summer was rapidly coming to a close.

Herb Gardening

Herbs have always been one of the gateway plants of gardening. You start with a small basil plant, next thing you know, you are the neighborhood herbalist and you are winning yard of the month! Herbs can be easy to grow. The most important thing to remember, is location, location, location!