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Winter! Where are you?

Starting off 2017 similar to the majority of 2016 - hot and wet! Looking for winter? So am I! Looks like she will peak her head out this weekend. The weather channel is calling for near freezing temperatures over the weekend.

Gifts that Keep on Giving...

On a mid-December day, who would think of giving a plant as a Christmas gift? Well we would of course! There are several plants in their full glory right now that would make great presents. Let's start with Citrus trees. Lemons, Satsumas and Navel Oranges are our most popular.


Poinsettia plants or "Points" are a Christmas must have. They add class and color to any Christmas party you throw yourself or go to this season. They also make great gifts! Poinsettias are traditionally used as a living decoration at Christmas. They come in several colors including marbled, pale yellow, pink and, of course, red. They add Christmas spirit in any room in your home with enough quality light. Poinsettias only get about 2 feet tall and wide when grown as an indoor plant and don't need much babying when you first get one. Here are some things to keep in mind when buying your Points. They are tropical plants therefore they need to be protected from extreme cold weather. Protect the plant any night we drop below 35 degrees.

Deck the Halls!!

The holiday season is upon us! It's time to deck the halls. This can be done by simply adding some fresh garland to your mantel or dining table. If you are buying for your mantel measure it and add 1ft for overhang.

Fall is for Planting!

During fall, while the above ground portions of plants go into dormancy, the below ground portions still grow. This allows newly planted or transplanted plants to get established before the heat of the next summer. Imagine yourself as a three gallon azalea.