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Having a live cut Christmas tree or fresh greenery in or outside your home will bring to life the Spirit of Christmas.  Below are tips on shopping and caring for a live cut tree and fresh greenery.

Live Cut Christmas Trees

  • Shop for your tree from a retailer that buys premium grade trees only, like us!  These trees are tagged first and cut last.
  • Buy a Fraser, Noble or Nordmann Fir.  These trees may cost a little more but they hold up and look the best decorated.
  • Always make a fresh cut on the bottom of the tree (we can do this for you) a couple of hours before you put it in a stand (we recommend a Cinco stand) that holds plenty of water.
  • Purchase a Tree Preservative to add to the water in your tree stand.
  • When you get home, place your tree in its selected location and add tree preservative and water to fill the stand right away.  Make sure you check the water level in your stand daily for the first week or so.  Your tree will absorb more water during this period.  Don't worry if your tree slows down or even stops "drinking" water close to Christmas, this is a common occurrence.
  • Once at home, close any A/C or heater vents close to where your tree is located.  Otherwise, the air blowing on the tree will dry it out.

Fresh Greenery

Live wreaths, garland, door charms and more are great for showing the spirit of Christmas in any home.  They add ambiance and a terrific Christmas scent in the air.  We have tons of fresh greenery that just arrived and they go fast so don't wait too long.  Here are some tips on keeping your fresh greenery lasting through the season.

  • Submerge your greenery in a large container of water for a few hours or overnight.
  • Select a location out of direct sunlight (for outdoors) or away from heat or warm air (for indoors)
  • To help balance the moisture greenery releases, mist it with a spray bottle of water every few days.
  • If your greenery starts to dry out or doesn't appear fresh, just re-submerge it in water for a few hours.  You'll be surprised how it livens up your greenery.

**Looking for that little extra greenery to make a wreath with or to add the smell of Christmas to your home?  We will have a bin full of Christmas tree trimmings that we are offering to our loyal customers for free!  Come by any of our three locations and take as much as you would like!**