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Nordmann Fir Garland... A Fresh New Look!

A couple of years ago we introduced a new variety of Christmas tree to our customers here in Baton Rouge. Known as the Nordmann fir, this long-lasting Christmas tree, with its excellent needle retention and deep green color, has grown in popularity and has become one of the most sought after trees that we carry at our stores.

This year we are introducing the Nordmann fir garland for a new and exciting look to decorate your home with. Just like the tree, the Nordmann fir garland is exotic in appearance, is thick with a rich deep green color and the needles have a silvery-white underside which helps to light up the look of the garland. Also, like the tree, this garland is very durable, long-lasting, and has excellent needle retention with a minimal fragrance which is good
for persons with allergies. The needles of the Nordmann fir are short and smooth and are covered by a waxy layer which prevents water loss and keeps the garland from drying out as quickly as some others do.

We hope that you will try the new Nordmann fir garland at your home this year. With its unique appearance and beauty, little or no decorations are needed on this garland. Maybe a few lights and a ribbon or bow and you're all set. Use this new garland and your home will be the talk of the neighborhood.




Before hanging or decorating any fresh garland, soak it in a bucket or tub of cool water overnight. This will insure that the garland has absorbed all the moisture that it can and will prevent the garland from drying out too quickly. A small amount of tree preservative can be added to the soak water as well. Once the garland is hung in place, spritz it once a day with water to prolong its freshness and to slow the drying out process.