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Gardening - My Retreat

There are many reasons why people garden. I enjoy the time spent outdoors, I enjoy the activity of creating a beautiful garden or space. I love impressing my friends and family with my garden. It is also the space I retreat to after a long week dealing with life. Watering and weeding the garden, watching the birds feed and nest, mowing the lawn, seeing the plants grow and bloom... it all is very soothing. This weekend I will need all of it. I lost a dear friend and family member. My brother-in-law lost his battle with ALS. It was one of the most beautiful things to see, him in his full glory fighting day after day with that smile. Reminds me of a redbud tree I saw this spring. It was covered in Spanish moss so thick you wouldn't think is was alive, yet come February it was covered in small bright pink blooms, as if to say " I dare you to hold me back - nothing will stop me from blooming!" He was like that, no matter what was happening, his smile was there reminding us of life. Funny, he was motivating us. Wow. Enjoy your gardens this weekend, I know I will.