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Will we see some?  We might... The cool part about this, for us southerners, is the rarity of it.  My wife is already rolling her eyes, knowing that I will be glued to the weather stations all hours of the night.  I am a sucker for weather events like this. 

Just waiting for the chance to see a snowflake fall in Louisiana.  A gift.  A chance to experience something that does not happen that often here.  If you get the chance to see it, cherish it...  Experience it, live it.  Enjoy life, enjoy the details of it... the experiences, the people, the time... Before you know it... you will be running out of those experiences, the people, the time... Enjoy it. 

Pull your attention away from your busy schedule day in and day out.  Look around you.  The now is a great place to be for the holidays.