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Why Houseplants?

Why Houseplants?

There are many studies out there that point out the benefits to having plants… I have not seen any that say they are bad for you… The main benefits plants provide are clean air, good feelings, and reducing illnesses.

Clean air… AHHHHHH… Breathe in, breathe out… Plants have the ability to take out toxins from the air. We spend up to 70% of our time in our homes or inside. Having a few plants to clean up some of the air is always a good thing!

Good Feelings… Plants give us a feeling of well-being by just being there. We gain a sense of calming from looking at them and touching them. Some of the plants have textured leaves while some give off fragrance when rubbed.

Reducing illness… Yes having plants in your home will reduce your chances of getting sick. Plants create a micro climate around them that is more humid. This added water in the air, traps dust particles. Less dust in the air will reduce many types of respiratory issues.

Some easy ones to start with are Peace Lilies, ZZ Plants, and Pothos Ivy. Dracaenas, Chinese evergreens and indoor ferns are also good choices to enhance your indoor spaces.

Give them a try because having houseplants might seem like a trivial thing, it can be a real important part of your health and wellbeing.