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Plant of the Week: Itty Bitties

Plant of the Week: Itty Bitties

Miniature gardening has become popular with young and old alike. Terrariums, Fairy Gardens, Succulent and Sedum Combos in small pots...you're only limited by your imagination! Some of the easiest plants to work in to miniature gardens are what we call our "Itty Bitty" Plant Mix. Tiny and young, these little guys create a miniature scene or, an itty bitty landscape.

The itty bitty plants are live, and have different needs for light, water, and soil etc. Here is how I break them down.

Ferns: Ferns that are used in miniature gardening usually need a good bit of shade, and like evenly damp, well-drained soil.

Succulents / Sedums: Succulents and sedums come in varying colors and textures. Both prefer part sunlight. Neither like wet feet so make sure to use well-drained, sandy soil mixes.

Bamboo: There are also some very small Bamboos you can use to add softer textures in your garden Bamboos will do well in part sun to part shade. In this instance, lean more towards shady as the tender foliage can scald in the hot sun.

Indoor Plants: Indoor plants such as ficus cuttings give a structural interest to the garden and can be carefully shaped into trees and hedges. Most of these plants will only take dappled sun or indirect sunlight. These are great plants for doing a miniature garden for an office or bedroom. They are tropical in nature so protect from freeze. Water as needed on these plants, same as you would with a large specimen in your home.

Fertilize your miniature garden 2-3 times per year with a slow release fertilizer, specific to your selections, or with a general purpose fertilizer for indoor / outdoor plants, such as Osmocote.

Check the toxicity to your family pet as well as loved ones, with each selection if you can. When in doubt, let us help you out!

Itty Bitty plants are fun to work with and can bring enjoyment and relaxation to the new gardener in the family, or the seasoned green thumb. Get as creative or meticulous as you’d like and watch your miniature landscape grow day by day!