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  • UPC: 088685637933
  • Manufacturer: Lebanon Seaboard Corporation
  • SKU: 689867

Prevent weeds from overtaking your garden!  5.625lb container.

  • Manufacturer: ferti-lome

Short, concise consumer-friendly label. Non-selective weed and grass killer, contains a double-surfactant formulation that dries on plant fast to start working quickly.  Check out some of our other weed & grass killers available here at Louisiana Nursery!

  • Manufacturer: ferti-lome

Use in ornamental landscape areas, established lawns and ornamental turf. Can be applied up to 4 weeks later than other preemergence Crabgrass preventers.  

  • Manufacturer: Bonide

Selective, systemic action kills broad leaf weeds, roots and all! For use on Northern and Southern turf varieties. Formulated on a light carrier for greater adhesion to leaf surfaces for maximum up take and effectiveness.

  • Manufacturer: ferti-lome

Provides pre-emergent control in late fall and early spring on grassy and broadleaf weeds including Dallisgrass, Sandbur, Henbit and Spurge.